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New keyboard on the 25th

2011-12-07 09:00:05 by Eliza-Colli

25th=Christmas lol

but I'm getting a new keyboard, and would help get rid of the distortion a bit, 'cause it's got usb.

the one i have now was bought in 2003 when I was in elementary school.
and I realized.
I've been playing the piano for 8 years :O
and that a key is missing on my keyboard (D6) , I have it but it came off lol

But yeah!

so after christmas I'd probably make a few new songs....if I feel like it ^^

New site :D Oh and I learned somethings XD

2011-10-22 22:08:50 by Eliza-Colli

Since I kept making weird songs that were very unnatural to the ears, I went to go learn "Music"

Learned a lot of things I should have in school XD
The treble clef staff....bass clef staff...half note 16 sixteen note....sixteen rests....dotted half note....EGBDF, FACE.....accidentals and key changes, natural sign, how to read music....basicly XD

So I hope with the stuff I learned my music would become a little more better XD

New song

2011-10-11 18:56:06 by Eliza-Colli

So I read all my reviews...even though theres only two in all lol
But it really is helpful ^^

So I'm writing a new song and well...I found out my problem XDD

I don't use a metronome, So I have a weird tempo going on lol
It's like their all on their own tempo...

So this time I'm going to be useing a metronome, and unstead of only taking a hour or less to make a song...
I'm thinking of taking time on this one XD

Hope you guys will enjoy the nest one :3


2011-09-23 20:08:47 by Eliza-Colli

I have uploaded two new songs...even though they may not sound like a song.... o.O

But they are!! XD

Any ways, I would love advice any time :3